Friday, March 5, 2010

I Am Not Too Hot... Not Too Cold

Aaahhhh... just right! That's how I can describe the temperature in my house this morning. And it's been months since I could say that. Ever since the thermostat went on the blink, we've been constantly playing with it, adjusting it, jury-rigging it and trying to keep the temperature somewhere near pleasant. But all too often, it was either too hot or too cold. (In fact, Aaron called me just yesterday to mention that he'd had to turn on the cooler, because the furnace had decided to heat the house to a balmy 82 degrees.)

But now... it's just right. This would be thanks to Tim. Tim is my brother-in-law. Back on Monday, I saw on my nephew's Facebook page that his dad was out of town for the week. When I asked where his dad had gone, I learned he was in Denver for some training. Well, since we pretty much never have family come to town, I knew I would have to take advantage and connect with Tim while he was here.

Several days later, I actually remembered to do so.

At any rate, we got in touch and I graciously invited Tim to make a very long drive (from the DTC to Brighton area, for you Denverites) to come visit us. (Yes, I am aware that it would have been more gracious for us to go to him, especially since he doesn't know the area. But it was a school night and I needed to get the kids to bed somewhere close to normal bedtime. And Tim was kind enough to agree.)

In the course of conversation on the way to dinner, it came up that our thermostat was on the blink but I had been too chicken to try to replace it because I was afraid I would just make things even worse. As I was saying this, I had a sudden brainstorm: Tim is handy. Tim, in fact, used to work as an electrician. Tim could probably fix our thermostat!

I immediately offered to buy Tim's dinner if he would replace the thermostat for us. (Actually, I had planned to buy Tim's dinner anyway. After all, he did make the long drive up to see us. But that's beside the point.) And after dinner, Tim quickly and easily replaced the broken thermostat. It works perfectly. And now we are not too hot... not too cold. Thank you, Tim!!


Tim Novinger said...

It was nothing. Seems I have become the family handyman anyway, lol

Melissa Howell said...

He is the handyman. We've had him under our house, fixing our water leaks and heating ducts, too. lol =)

Jonah novinger said...

good job dad! hope you drive home safely!

Melissa said...

What a perfect balance all the way around!