Monday, March 8, 2010

I Have Yet Another Blog

Because apparently I have decided I don't have enough on my plate, I've started yet another blog. (I already have this one and my scripture reading blog, and occasionally manage to contribute to a recipe swap blog.)

Now I've started another because of a story I heard on the radio a week or so ago. They were talking about a woman on Facebook who planned to take a picture of herself every day so she could watch how she changed over the course of a year. That sounded fascinating!

Of course, I have no desire to take (let alone look at!) pictures of myself every day all year. But it just so happened that only a few minutes before hearing this story I had been thinking about the fact that I don't take enough pictures of the kids. I want to have pictures to remember all the things they do and what they're like at each age, but I often just forget to pull out the camera.

So I am interested in seeing how my kids change over the course of a year. I resolved to try and take a picture a day of each of my kids. I'll post them to the new blog (Love 365) and watch to see how they change over 365 days.

Of course, real challenge is going to be remembering to take the pictures every single day!