Wednesday, June 30, 2010

And away we go!

Well, not quite yet. But soon! Just today at work and then we head out tomorrow for the family reunion. I got a start at packing on Monday night and got about half of it done, so I still have to finish that up tonight. Packing for Reunion gets a little complicated since you basically have to plan for three seasons. Driving to and from Utah and any time that we spend down in Vernal is very hot summer. Up on the mountain, you never know what season it's going to be. If it's sunny during the day, it's actually really warm and shorts weather. But if (when) a storm rolls in or at night as the sun goes down, the temperature drops. Sometimes just enough to put on a sweatshirt. Sometimes enough that you need to break out the winter coats. Trying to plan wardrobes and pack everything to cover all the bases gets complicated... not to mention, we run out of room to pack it all into the van!

But once that's done, we can take off first thing tomorrow morning. We're actually headed to Leadville first. Tomorrow is Aaron's birthday, so I wanted to do something to celebrate. With his birthday right there at the same time as Reunion, it sometimes gets a little lost is the travelling and Reunion activities. So since Aaron likes trains, this year we're going to go to Leadville and ride the Leadville, Colorado & Southern Railroad. The kids love trains, too, so everyone should really enjoy that start to the day.

Then it's on to Vernal and the Reunion. We won't actually get to town early enough to go up the mountain on Thursday. (Not after stopping for 4 hours in Leadville along the way!) But we'll go up first thing on Friday because Grandpa (my dad) has promised to take the kids fishing. They are SOOO excited. Preston asks me multiple times each day how much longer it is until it's time to go fishing. Haley keeps talking about how much fun it will be. Neither of them has actually ever BEEN fishing, so I'm not sure they even know what to expect. Whatever they're hoping for, I sure hope it lives up to their expectations.

More outdoor fun to follow the rest of the weekend. And the fun of seeing the family. And relaxation of getting away from routine for a while. All great things that I'm looking forward to!

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