Monday, June 14, 2010

This is new territory for me...

I'm now well into the 2nd trimester of pregnancy and I must say that it has been great! Ever since the doc gave me new medicine for the horrible heartburn - which happily completed eliminated the heartburn and also had the nifty side effect of getting rid of most of my morning sickness. Since then, I have been feeling really good. That 1st trimester exhaustion has eased off a bit and I'm not sick and throwing up all the time.

Always before, by the time I stopped feeling so sick (if I ever did) I was into the 3rd trimester. By which point the exhaustion was back, the big belly was in the way, the sciatica that I always get had kicked in. I've heard people talk about the 2nd as being the "golden trimester" but never experienced it. Now I know why it's supposed to be so good!

I still feel nauseous a few times a day, but I haven't thrown up in more than a week. That's pretty darned good as far as I'm concerned. The belly is starting to get in the way a bit - after all, this is my 4th time around, so it's expanded pretty quickly. But it's not too bad. And the sciatica is only twinges at this point. All great news!

Now if I could just hurry time along a little to that 20 week ultrasound so we could find out boy or girl... I'm so impatient!

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