Friday, June 18, 2010

I love my job... but not right now

I love my job. I've enjoyed it so much since I started working here. I love putting together education sessions for the nurses. I really love making patient education materials.

What I don't love is creating software training. If I loved software training, there are a lot of companies I could be working for. And believe me, they would pay better than my current position.

But now my company is getting a new software system and they need training for all our nurses in how to use it. When they first brought me on to this project back in March, I wasn't exactly thrilled with the idea. But what could I do, it needed to be done. So I worked up a training plan for creating the training they asked for and planned to start putting it together in August. Since then, the project and the training have grown and grown and grown. I now spend hours every day in meetings about the project. They want more and more from the training. It's an enormous monster of a project. So they've taken away all my other projects so I can concentrate on the software training project.

I can understand the reasoning. And I can appreciate that my workload will be helped a little (though I expect the software project will continue to balloon to fill every available moment and then some). But I've been working on a huge project to create patient education handouts for the last two years. And suddenly, literally weeks from finally finishing the project, I don't get to finish it. Someone else will take it over and finish it up instead.

I was in the middle of a couple of projects to create education sessions for our nurses and supervisors. I had some fun plans and ideas. But I don't get to be involved in that anymore. By the time the software project is over, these projects will be done without me.

I'm just bummed out that I have to spend every working moment now on this project that I don't enjoy. It's going to make the next several months feel very long. November (and maternity leave) can't come soon enough.

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