Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day

Apparently I have not been cooking much lately... or at least not cooking Aaron's favorite things. Because a week ago when Haley decided that Daddy should get to choose what to eat for Father's Day and asked what he wanted, he quickly had a whole list. Corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. Salmon tacos for dinner. And Black Forest cake for dessert. He would also have been happy with a Dairy Queen cake. Haley very carefully wrote all that down and put the list on the fridge for me so I wouldn't forget to buy everything.

On Sunday, she was very excited to help me cook for Daddy. The kids even ate the corned beef. Though they all turned up their noses at salmon tacos. They had spaghettios instead. But Aaron and I enjoyed them!

The kids were also very excited to finally give Daddy his Father's Day presents. A CD, some new pants, and some of his favorite soda (very hard to find in stores). They were very proud of themselves that they had known what he was getting and managed to keep it a secret!

The kids also sang in Sacrament meeting for Father's Day. "I'm So Glad When Daddy Comes Home," of course. Do they ever sing anything else for Father's Day? They practiced all day on Saturday so that they would be ready on Sunday. When the time came, Haley and Preston ran right up there and sang enthusiastically. Brekken had practiced with them and thought he wanted to go up, but when it was time to actually leave Mom & Dad and go to the front, he changed his mind. Probably best actually. I have visions of him deciding not to come back down to us and us having to chase him all over the chapel when the song ended! :)

I'm glad we got to celebrate Father's Day with my wonderful husband. He's a great dad. And Happy Father's Day to my Dad, too!

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