Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day

We had no big plans for Memorial Day. The only things I had in mind were a couple haircuts for kids and Aaron, a load or three of laundry, some dishes, and watering the plants. At the end of the day, everyone did have haircuts. And I washed one load of laundry, though I didn't put it away. No dishes. The plants are still thirsty. But we sure had a nice day!

It started off with the kids sleeping in until 9:30 a.m.! That is incredible right there. Sure, on a morning that they're supposed to get up and go somewhere, they're usually glad to keep sleeping. But on any day when Aaron and I could potentially sleep in, they like to be up at the crack of dawn. So when I woke a little after 9:00 and realized everyone was still sleeping, it was a happy moment. I climbed back into bed and just enjoyed the peace and quiet for a while.

Around lunchtime, we impulsively decided to go have lunch at Red Robin. Then we took everyone for haircuts. Haley and Brekken both got new, short haircuts. Very cute, of course. But Brekken looks so different without his (too) long hair! It takes a little getting used to. I tried to convince Preston to get the same haircut as Brekken, but he decided he'd rather leave it longer so he can have curly hair.

We went to the splash park at the Orchards so the kids could cool off. After a slow start with all the kids hanging out at the fringes and just sticking their hands out to feel the squirting water, they got into it and had a great time playing in the fountains. I was actually a little jealous. It was a really warm afternoon, and that water looked nice a cool. I would have been a bit out of place with all the little kids, though, so I stayed on the bench with Aaron and watched.

Aaron spotted a couple of people walking by with waffle cones and had the great idea that we should track down the ice cream shop. So we all went for a yummy treat after getting the kids dried off. (Mmmmm.... dulce du leche banana split!) Lots of messy faces (and I don't know why Haley and Preston decided to make strange faces at the camera), but we sure enjoyed the ice cream. Especially Brekken. He was covered in it!

We got home just in time for dinner. For the kids. Aaron and I were way too full from lunch and ice cream to think about dinner for several hours yet. But the bottomless tummies of my kids wanted dinner as soon as we got home. Then time for pajamas and bed... even with their late sleep of the morning, they were all asleep by about 9:30 p.m. Guess the splash park wore them out!

Finish it off with some addictive reality TV (Obsessed and Hoarders on A&E) for me and Aaron, and it was a really nice day! I'll deal with dishes and laundry another time. :)


Jonah novinger said...

is brekken's teeth OK after that one fight with preston when you were in baltimore?

Jewel/Pink Ink said...

Cute kids! Haley looks so much like Aaron.

Good days when it's warm enough to enjoy ice cream.

Tera said...

Sometimes we all need a day to forget about chores and duties and just relax and enjoy our family! We had a very busy weekend and I'm a little jealous of the relaxing day you had!