Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Back to the Wardle Reunion

We're all looking forward to the big family reunion next weekend (4th of July). Okay, I say all, but Aaron's not really looking forward to it. He likes my family, he just hates the outdoors. So a long weekend up in the mountains is not his idea of a good time. Especially since Iron Springs, where Reunion is always held, is not a KOA-style campground. It's really just a big meadow in the woods. No running water, no electricity. No flush toilets. Aaron really doesn't like that. I grew up camping there for weeks at a time every summer, so it doesn't seem that bad to me, I guess.

But I want Aaron to like Reunion enough to keep coming with me. I don't want to end up like a cousin I remember growing up - she would camp with the kids while her husband stayed at a hotel down in Vernal. If he came to Reunion at all, he would sit in his car and make people come over there to visit him. When he was ready to go, he would just start honking the horn. Any of his family who wanted to go back to Vernal for the night had better run to get in the car, or they would be left behind. So in comparison to him, Aaron is positively enthusiastic! ;)

To keep it that way, I compromise. We don't camp. Even though we spend the days on the mountain, at night we go down to town and sleep at my parents' house (about 30 minutes away). If Aaron can at least sleep indoors and take a shower each morning, he can deal with the outdoors the rest of the day... once a year. LOL.

Preston is especially excited because Grandpa has promised to take him fishing. He asks every day how much longer it is before he can go fishing. Haley is excited to try fishing, too. Neither of them has actually been fishing before - we just couldn't manage it last year or the year before. So I'm interested to see if it will live up to their expectations.

We're just hoping we get good weather this time around. You may remember my post from last year about the wild weather - including pouring rain, hail that destroyed pieces of the campsite and piled up into big drifts, and mud everywhere. I remember it as not being fun, but also as kind of a funny story in the list of Reunion events. Obviously I remember it a little differently than Aaron, since I heard him talking to his parents the other night and talking a little about last year's Reunion. Words like "horrible" and "awful" and "terrible" were thrown around. Another year like that and I might be a step closer to Aaron only hanging out in the van. ;) So cross your fingers for us that this year goes a little better!


Melissa said...

Last year was even memorable for me just based on your recounting of the weekend! Here's to glorious weather this time around.

Katherine said...

Oh wow what an adventure!!! I love camping and so do the kids. We need to do that this summer, it has been a year or two! WATCH OUT FOR TICKS... promise??? Bring dawn detergent. If anyone gets a tick, pour it on the tick. It will clean the wound and the tick will release. That way you won't be squeezing anything in to your skin if you try to pull it out. OK I am off my soapbox.

We are doing a small family reunion at the beach house next week. House full of people - tight quarters! My friend cleaned up all my rods and reels - hope your kids and mine catch fish! Have fun!

taradon said...

@Katherine - Luckily we've never had tick problems at this campground. But I'll keep an eye out for sure! Thanks for the tip on removing them! Enjoy your reunion and good luck with the fishing. :)

Tera said...

I remember your tale of last years reunion! Though I do hope you all have a good time, I really do hope you come back with some funny stories for the rest of us to read!