Sunday, March 20, 2011

30 Posts: Day 5

Day 5: A picture of your night.

Ugh. Bedtime. The most hated part of the day. The crying. The screaming. The temper tantrums. And the kids have a hard time with it, too!

Seriously, we have a really hard time with bedtime at our house. Haley is a dream. She goes into bed when told and is generally sound asleep within 10 minutes. But Preston and Brekken push it as far as they can manage. No sooner do we leave the room than they're jumping (quite literally) out of bed. I'm usually not even at the other end of the hallway before I hear the tell-tale thumps of them leaping off the beds in some kind of game they feel compelled to play every night.

So then it's back down the hall to put them back into bed. Repeat ad infinitum.

Or they're coming out for "one more hug" or to get "just one drink" or because "Brekken is hitting me" or "Preston is biting me." And again, it's back down the hall to put them into bed. It's usually at least an hour with many threats and much anger before they finally lay still and go to sleep. So frustrating!!

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