Tuesday, March 22, 2011

30 Posts: Day 7

Day 07 - A picture of your most treasured item.

My beloved Kindle. I love this little e-Reader. It's the best gift I've ever gotten.

I'd kind of looked at it on Amazon and thought it might be nice to have, but hadn't really planned on getting one. It was out of my price range, and I didn't REALLY need it. It was just kind of a fun little gadget.

But I'd mentioned to Aaron that I'd like to have one eventually, and he decided to get one for me. He cashed in some vacation days to get the extra $$ and bought it for my birthday. What fun! I immediately downloaded a couple of books on it, but then didn't really read them. They were books I was really excited to read, so I was saving them. I packed the Kindle in my hospital bag and figured I would read those books in the hospital after the baby was born. After all, this was mid-October. The baby was due in late November, but I was already on bed rest for pre-term labor and blood pressure issues. I figured I would be having that baby any day now!

As the days crawled by with no baby, I gave up on my plan of "saving" the books for the hospital. I needed something to do while stuck home on bed rest! So I pulled the Kindle out of the hospital bag and started reading. I quickly devoured the couple of books I had downloaded and needed more. Happily, I discovered that there are LOTS of free books available for Kindle. It's actually a great way to discover new authors that I would have never known about otherwise.

I currently have 134 books on my Kindle, and room for plenty more. I bought a new purse, specifically so it was the right size to hold my Kindle, and now I can take it everywhere I go. On the bus. To the doctor's office. Waiting for a meeting to start at work. I've got my Kindle and I can whip it out and read a few pages while I'm waiting. Makes delays a LOT more bearable!

And it's so light and easy to use! I can hold it one-handed in the middle of the night while nursing the baby. I flip to the next page with a little touch of my thumb - no need to fumble around to turn the page.

Okay, I realize this sounds like a huge advertisement for Kindle now. I should disclose that I have not been paid by Amazon for this review - though if they want to send a few dollars my way I'll totally take it!

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Melissa said...

I don't know, I'm old school and love the look and feel of books. But then someone at book club one night had one, and we were all mucho impressed with it. I have to admit I can see the draw...

Enjoyed catching up on your 30-day posts thus far; learned some fun things about you! Maybe I should try it... or not. :)