Monday, March 7, 2011

Tara D Shields: Ward Employment Specialist

The title was inspired by a book Haley was reading yesterday - Junie B. Jones: First Grader. And like Junie B., I'm feeling both excited and apprehensive about this new opportunity.

I've certainly done my share of job searching! Since I finished grad school 13 years ago, I've had 8 jobs. I've been laid off 4 times, but never been out of work for too long. I've actually helped friends with resumes and job searching and the like several times and always enjoyed that. I take credit for Aaron's current job, since I'm the one who found the ad and encouraged him to apply. So since I've done this sort of thing before and enjoyed it, I'm looking forward to getting more and better tools to help people look for employment.

But there's also a bit of nervousness... what if someone REALLY needs a job and I can't help them find one? Here I am being billed as a "specialist" - it's right there in the name of the calling. It sort of implies that I'll know what I'm doing and be able to help. I've referred people to the ward employment specialist before, confidently telling them that the WES would be able to help. After all, that's the job!

And since I haven't had any training and orientation to the calling yet, I'm a bit nervous about the time committments. My time is already pretty full! All I know about that is that it involves Tuesday nights... which are already a busy day of the week. I drive to work on Tuesdays so that I can go pick up Haley from daycare early and then hurry over to Sounds of Joy choir practice (for the kids) and hang out there for an hour with the 3 boys while Haley is in her practice. (Preston has his practice before I arrive - Michelle takes the boys to that rehersal.) So then to add WES duties could make things a little crazy.

I guess we'll see how it all works once I know more. While I can't feel really happy that Aaron's work hours have been cut again, I can feel glad that they were cut on Tuesday afternoons, so he'll be there to help with these things!

On a total side note... after I was set apart yesterday, the Bishop commented, "You have nice hair." I laughed a little and said thanks, but I think we (Brother Hagen, Aaron, and I) must have been looking at him a little oddly because he explained more. "Well, you know, I lay my hands on a lot of heads. So I notice when someone has nice-feeling hair." LOL


Melissa said...

Love the hair comment, LOL. Good luck with the new calling, Brian had that one for a while when we first moved into this ward. It's an interesting one, you're kind of your own island, but can certainly be a good resource for others.

Jewel Allen said...

Haha, Tara, what a funny comment! Great calling...sometimes it's nice to just have someone remind you that you have potential!!