Monday, March 21, 2011

30 Posts: Day 6

Day 06 - A picture of a person you'd love to trade places with for a day.

What a hard choice! In general, I'm pretty happy with my life and I don't feel the need to trade places with anyone. But if it's only for a day, that could be fun.

I thought of Lea Michelle - wouldn't it be incredible to be able to sing like she does? But then it might be very crushing to return to my real life without that awesome voice.

So then I thought of Jen Lancaster. If you haven't read her books (Bitter is the New Black, Pretty in Plaid, and several others) or checked out her blog ( you really should. Hilarious! I would love to be able to write like her and take everyday things and turn them into something so fun to read. But then I thought about all her problem pets - she has a bunch of rescue dogs and cats in poor health that take a lot of taking care of. I don't want to deal with all of that on my day away from being me.

And then I thought of it. The perfect person to be for a day...

That's right, I'm picking Oprah. It could be all kinds of fun to be that powerful for a day. As Oprah I would make some book club picks for my favorite authors so that many others would read them too (and none of those depressing books that the real Oprah picks).

I would finally learn the truth about that whole Oprah/Gayle/Steadman situation.

I might go through the show lineup of the new OWN network and get rid of shows I don't like. I actually don't know any of the shows that are currently showing, but I'm sure there must be some I wouldn't like.

And finally, I would make a VERY generous monetary donation to a deserving family (I won't say who that family would be, but as a hint... S_ _ _ _ _S). And probably give them a new car. I really need a new car... ;)

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Rachael M said...

Oh, I'm with you-- only I wouldn't stop with a car. I would have Oprah give my husband an awesome job that allowed him to travel to South Africa/Lesotho about twice a year. I'm sure there's something he could do for her schools or something. Also, I would have her build a ginormous library in my husband's home town. And I totally agree with you about her book club choices being depressing. Pretty much if she chooses something for her book club I know I don't want to read it because I'm going to be devastated by how sad it is!