Thursday, March 3, 2011

Brave Man

Aaron did something today that I have not yet dared to do. He ventured out on a Target trip (and a big, restocking kind of trip, not a quick grab and go kind of trip) with all three of the boys. It was going okay, apparently, until Rylen suddenly decided to have a meltdown in the middle of the aisle. The only way to soothe him was to hold him. So there's Aaron, holding the baby in one arm, pushing the loaded cart with the other hand, and still keeping track of the other two boys - who were playing some sort of silly, let's-slap-each-other game all through the store.

He managed to finish the shopping and headed for checkout. Where he was confronted with the question of how to hang on to the baby, keep track of the older boys, and somehow unload the cart.

Proving that there are still nice people in the world, someone came to the rescue. A man had seen Aaron back in the aisle when Rylen decided that it was time to be held. And now he was coincidentally in a check-out line when Aaron was checking out. He left his wife to unload their cart and came over to Aaron's line, where he was kind enough to unload the cart onto the conveyor belt for Aaron. He even hung around as the groceries were rung up and reloaded things into the cart.

How awesome is that? I'm so grateful that there are good people out there willing to jump in and help. I need to remember to look for moments to help others like that. I'm afraid if I had been in this man's situation, I would have just watched. I would have felt bad for the poor man, but it probably wouldn't have occurred to me to jump in and do something about it. But look how much his kindness has made my day better - and I wasn't even there! I hope I can remember this incident and use it as encouragement to jump in and help when I can.

As a side note... as Aaron and I were finishing up our conversation, he commented that from now on he would go to King Soopers, because they unload the cart for you. Huge *facepalm* moment! Why on Earth didn't we just place a delivery order with King Soopers in the first place so NO ONE had to drag all the boys to the store? D'oh!


Amy said...

How totally cool that another man jumped in to help the man who was shopping with three children!!! Now that is encouraging. I had a lady one time help me at Target and it made my day. I remember it to this day so I guess it made far more of an impression on me!

Mistaken said...

That is very cool!