Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Another Camera Catch-Up

As we wait to see what today's snowstorm will be like, I'm getting around to posting the pictures from our big snowstorm last week...

The kids enjoyed playing in the snow once it was warm enough to go outside.
There goes Haley with another America's Next Top Model pose!
Preston was busy building a snowman... not recognizable as such by anyone but him, but he had fun.

Poor Brekken is just waiting for the day that he can go out and play with the other kids.


Melissa said...

Haley sure knows how to work it! And it's hard having one who can't join the others. Lucas wants to, but just can't always keep up.

Rachael M said...

WOW! We didn't get that much snow ALL winter. We are in some weird pocket of the Midwest, which gets skipped by all the major storm systems. It has felt like a fake winter, really. Love the photos of the kids!