Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Who needs a GPS? I have Aaron!

My hours for the last week or so have been kind of crazy as I've tried to finish up my big project at work. I've had to drive so that I wouldn't have to depend on the bus schedule when my own schedule was so uncertain. Then this morning, I overslept and missed the bus, so I drove yet again. It's not a terrible drive... I avoid I-25 and all the traffic tangles there, so the route is a little inconvenient, but at least I avoid most of the bad traffic.

But the other day, Aaron asked about the route I was taking to and from work. I told him and he informed me there was a better way. He told me about it, but it involved all these little back roads and sounded confusing. I couldn't remember it exactly and it was a bit intimidating (I don't like to risk getting lost). So I kept going my usual way for a couple more days. But there are a couple of traffic snarls that catch me up on that route, so last night and this morning I finally decided to try Aaron's back roads route.

I should have known, I should always just listen to Aaron on these things! His route was much better! He's like my own personal MapQuest. No matter where I am or where I need to get to, he can always map out a route. A lot of times, he can just do it off the top of his head without even looking at a map. He just has all these maps stored in his head. It's an impressive talent!

I remember once I had gone out shopping and I managed to get into an area of Denver I didn't know very well. I was all turned around and couldn't figure out where I need to go to head home. So I called Aaron for help. He asked me what city I was in and what intersection I was near. It wasn't an area we'd spent time in, so I don't know how he knew this, but without missing a beat he informed me that I needed to turn right, go past two intersections and turn right again and then I should see the freeway entrance. Sure enough, it worked exactly like that and I got home without further trouble.

So no need for my family to get one of the fancy GPS units for the car. At least as long as I keep my cell phone charged for emergency calls to Aaron!


Druciana said...

That's impressive!

Tera said...

Wouldn't it be funny if he had a little gps hidden in his pocket that youd didn't know about? Or maybe he studies maps for fun and has a photographic memory!I could use Aaron around sometimes!

taradon said...

Actually he DOES study maps for fun! =)

I can give you his cell phone, he's available for consultations!! ;)

Melissa said...

Perhaps he can sell his services for some extra $$$!