Friday, April 10, 2009

Peas Please!

We go through a lot of peas at our house. There aren't a lot of vegetables that all the kids agree are okay... Haley loves broccoli, but Preston hates it. Preston likes cooked carrots but Haley doesn't want to touch them. Brekken can't eat many vegetables that aren't pureed or chopped to tiny bits. But they'll all eat peas - he loves to feed himself peas; and throw them around when he's done eating.

They're so easy to add to almost anything. So easy that I realized last night that I had fed the kids peas every night this week! As a side dish, in mac and cheese, in a casserole, in chicken alfredo. I even made rollup sandwiches for dinner one night, and I threw peas into that too!

Hmmm... I think I need to start to vary my veggies before we're all "pead" out!


Druciana said...

I say go with it. If your kids will eat peas, great! At least they are eating veggies and they are green veggies even!

Tera said...

That is so funny that they like peas, they are a strong flavor! Good for them, as long as they'll eat them, let 'em have them. My kids are that way about broccoli. It is the first thing they'll eat off their plate, and they'll ask for more. But most of them don't like corn. Wierd right?