Monday, October 12, 2009

First Snow

We had our first snow of the season late last week and over the weekend. It started snowing on Thursday. This first required us to make a trip to Payless for new shoes. All the kids wore sandals/crocs all summer long and didn't have any shoes suitable for colder weather. And both of Aaron's shoes had a nice whole along one side that would let in any snow. So new shoes all around - well, except for me. Aaron very correctly pointed out that I have lots of perfectly good shoes already.

On Saturday it was snowing again. We actually had an inch or snow on the ground. The kids were VERY excited about this and begged to go out and play in it. So we hunted up the snow gear. Haley still fit into her size 3T snowpants... the upside of having kids who grow slowly is that you don't have to buy new stuff every year! All the kids are wearing the same winter coats for the 2nd year in a row - yay! Preston can actually still fit into his snowpants, too. But since they're size 12 months, I'm passing them on to Brekken and getting a new set for Preston to last him a couple more years. So once everyone was all bundled up, they headed out the door for fun in the snow.

As they left, Haley asked me if they could stay out for 3 hours. I told her she was free to stay out as long as she wanted. Knowing my children as I do, I knew that wouldn't come close to 3 hours. Sure enough 5 minutes later Brekken was ready to come in. Haley and Preston lasted another 10 minutes and they were back inside begging for hot chocolate. They snuggled together in the recliner bundled up in a blanket and sipping their hot chocolate. You'd think they'd been out for the whole 3 hours, the way they milked it! :)

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Tera said...

My kids always want hot chocolate after playing in the snow too!