Friday, October 16, 2009

The Produce Section

Haley had a homework assignment this week that was about fruits and vegetables. She had to draw 2 yellow vegetables, 3 red fruits, etc. Part of the homework instructions suggested that it might be a good idea to go to the produce section and let her check out various fruits and vegetables. Haley was very excited by this, so Aaron promised to take her on Thursday when he was off work (since homework is due on Friday).

All week long she looked forward to this trip. She mentioned it a couple of times a day. When I got home last night, I learned that they hadn't been able to get to the store yet, so we all went together. We headed out and Haley was bouncing in her seat in excitement. She kept asking Aaron if he knew how to get there. He assured her he did. After several times, he finally informed her that we were just going to Target and he knew exactly how to get there. Oh the devastation!

"But I thought we were going to the Produce Section." Things were alright again once we explained that the produce section was not a separate store, just a part of the regular grocery store.

We went inside and Aaron and Haley spent quite a lot of time checking out all the different fruits and vegetables and deciding which ones she would be best able to draw. They also picked out one new thing for her to try (part of the homework assignment). She chose to try kiwi. She was a little apprehensive about it at first. The fuzzy brown skin was not appealing to her. But Aaron and I convinced her that they were good.

The moment we got home Haley wanted to have the kiwi. Aaron sliced it up for her (I couldn't do it since I'm allergic) and she tried it. She loved it. I snagged half a slice myself. It was wonderful - though the blisters on my tongue quickly reminded me why I shouldn't eat it. Haley finished her homework by drawing all her fruits and vegetables... many were even recognizable! Then she was off to bed. A happy girl from her trip to the produce section and the promise of more kiwi tomorrow. :)


Mistaken said...

Wow, that is a great teaching moment. She will probably always remember that. Yay for a new fruit to enjoy as well.

Cara said...

Tell Haley that I love kiwi fruit, too. In fact, all the cool people do. She's one of us, now!

Tera said...

I think that was a great assignment from her teacher. A great way to get kids to learn about and try new healthy foods!

Melissa said...

Mmmm, kiwi sounds dee-lish! Cute assignment.