Friday, October 23, 2009

I Love Fall

Days like this are just perfect. Weather that's just cool enough for sweaters and sweatshirts. But not so cold that you have to bundle up. Warmer in the afternoon so you can spend some time outside. But cold enough at night to have the heat turned on.

I love to walk down the sidewalk and find the crunchy leaves to step on. For some reason that hearty crunch is such a satisfying sound.

I love to lay in bed at night and hear the heat kick on. Hearing the rush of air from the vents makes me feel warm and cozy all over. It brings back memories of when I was a kid and laying in bed listening to the warm air of the heater. I was a fearful kid at night - always worried about monsters and vampires. For some reason, I convinced myself that as long as that heater was blowing, everything was safe. So I would wake up scared at night and then just listen for the heat to turn on. As soon as I heard it start to blow, everything felt safe again and I could go back to sleep. I don't (usually) worry about monsters in the night anymore, but I do still feel safe and secure when I hear the heat come on.

Here's hoping for a nice long fall!

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Tera said...

Fall makes me feel cozy and wonderful too. It's very welcoming, don't you think!