Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Treat

If you need to provide a treat for an upcoming Halloween Party, here's a fun (and easy!) idea.

  • Vanilla wafer cookies
  • White candy melts (you can buy these at craft stores... it's the little candy pieces that you can melt to make custom candies. I like the Wilton Candy Melts.)
  • M & Ms
  • Red icing (you can either buy it in a little tube for easy application, or use a pastry piping bag.)
Melt the candy in a small bowl. Dip the rounded top of the vanilla wafer into the candy until the cookie is coated with the white candy. Place it on a wire rack or parchment paper (so it won't stick). While the candy is still soft, put an M & M on the center of the cookie. (The candy cools and hardens fast, so you'll need to work quickly.) Then put a dot of red icing in the center of the M&M and draw some red lines around the M&M. Voila! Eyeball cookies!

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Mistaken said...

Awesome! That does sound easy. I'll have to try that. Thanks for the idea!