Saturday, October 24, 2009

It's Official... Swine Flu Is In the Building!

Well we started out with the Piglet Flu. It was nasty, but we had hopes that it would at least offer us a little immunity to the full-on Swine Flu. Turns out, that's not the case.

Yep, we now have Swine Flu at our house. Haley was a little grumpy and tired and complaining of a headache after school on Thursday, but nothing outside of her usual behavior when she's short on sleep (she had not gone to bed on time the night before). So we didn't think much of it. Then she woke up complaining that she was so hot that everything hurt. When we took her temperature... 103.8. So the high temperature along with her complaints about a headache, sore throat and everything hurting (which I interpreted as being muscle aches) and the nasty cough that had suddenly developed were enough to make us wonder about Swine Flu.

Aaron was home with the kids yesterday when all this was developing, so he took them all to the pediatrician. There Haley endured an uncomfortable test for Swine Flu - they take a long Q-Tip and jam it all the way up your nose to swab the back of your throat that way. Ouch! They said it usually takes 15 minutes or so for the test to show results. Haley's came back positive in less than 5 minutes.

So, she's on Tamiflu to try and get the virus under control. We're alternating ibuprofen and Tylenol to try and keep the fever controlled. Poor kid is just laying in bed with cool cloths on her head because she's so hot and miserable. Every time the meds start to wear off, the fever zooms back up to between 103 and 105. We've got her set up with my laptop so she can watch movies in bed.

The rest of us are kind of on standby waiting to see if we come down with it, too. We're taking everyone's temperatures a lot and evaluating every little sniffle. {My chest feels a little tight... Was that a cough?... Okay, who sneezed?... Is it warm in here or is it just me?} The good news for the boys is that if they start in with the symptoms, the doc will just call in the Tamiflu without making them endure the Q-Tip test. Unfortunately, if Aaron or I comes down with it, we'll have to get the nasal swab before we can get meds.

If you've been in contact with us the last few days... I'm really sorry! We didn't know. And I really hope it didn't get passed to you.


Tera said...

I am so, so, so sorry.SHe has got to be so miserable and you must be worried.

Amy said...

That test for swine flu would not be fun. What a trooper. We haven't had it yet, knock on wood. Justin had to get the nasal spray, but I haven't vaccinated the kids yet.

Melissa said...

Misery. Here's to a quick recovery and no one else coming down with it!

Cara said...

I hope and pray she gets better soon, and that the rest of your family remains healthy!

Mistaken said...

That's so sad. Poor Haley! I hope the rest of you can fight it off. Give her my love.

LifeRocks! said...

I'll pray for all you guys.