Thursday, October 1, 2009

I'm grateful...

  • For a husband who hears the ominous sound of a child puking even faster than I do.
  • That he can go from dead asleep to a dead run to move that child from bed to bathroom.
  • That he is willing to clean up the child while I strip and change the bed and throw everything in the washing machine. I'd be just as grateful if it was the other way around - I'm just glad there is someone to help with it all!
  • That my other two children can sleep through all the lights and noise that accompany all this activity with barely a twitch.
  • That we have cable so we can find Sesame Street at 3 in the morning for a cranky child.
  • That this happened heading into a day when Aaron is off work, so neither of us has to call in sick.


Tera said...

You did a great job finding the positive things in an otherwise hard situation. So sorry to hear that one of your kids is sick.

Mistaken said...

Poor baby. That's the worst. It is great to have someone there during the worst situations. Yay for husbands!

Melissa said...

Brian too is a vomit-cleaning hero. Love him for it. Hope everyone is on the mend.