Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mean Mom Moments

Sometimes, I am a mean mom. It's generally at bedtime. I can manage all day long, but once it is bedtime, it is supposed to be grown-up time. And when the kids mess with that by refusing to stay in bed, the mean mom makes an appearance.

The kids get a bedtime snack, a bedtime drink, usually a story, and then hugs and kisses before they leave the room. Then the gate goes up so they can't get out. Haley and Brekken are usually asleep within minutes of going to bed. Unless Preston keeps them up. The gate is for Preston. Otherwise, he would be out every 2 minutes. As it is, he is usually standing at the gate shouting for more snacks, more drinks, more hugs, whatever he can think of. That's the Mean Mom Moment. I respond that he's had a snack, drink, and a hug and he's not getting any more. He'd better quiet down and go to bed. Don't make me come back there! (Isn't that the traditional threat?) Drives me nuts every night.

Once they're all sound asleep and I go in to check on them, they're all so sweet. Mean Mom goes away for another night.

What triggers your Mean Mom moments? (Come on, surely I'm not the only one who has them?)


Tera said...

Surely getting out of bed triggers my inner mean mom. I can't stand it either. Kid's fighting is another huge one for me...Can't we all just get along?

Mistaken said...

Fighting is my biggest one. Probably because Christopher is my screamer. He screams bloody murder if his brogther looks at him wrong. That sets my off instantly, then they better watch out. The kids getting out of bed is one too but for now I have handled that problem and for two weeks they have gotten out of bed one time. Yay, hopefully it continues to work.