Monday, October 5, 2009

Getting Back to Normal

I feel like I've been so far out of my routine for the last month. The first week or so in September I ended up spending at my parents' house. When I got back, I had a good couple of weeks where I couldn't ride the bus, take care of my kids, clean the house, etc. because my back was hurting so badly. Last week I spent attending/helping with/teaching an education session (50 nurses from across the country), so I wasn't in the office all week. And again, driving to work every day because my starting and ending times were very erratic and not bus-friendly, plus by the end of the week I needed the flexibility of heading home at a random time in case the kids were sick enough that Aaron needed another hand.

So this morning, I finally feel like I'm back to normal. Everyone is healthy again. My back is still giving me some troubles, but very manageable right now. My schedule for the next month should be just going to the office as usual (aside from any overtime I need to work, because I am way behind for my deadline hitting in 2 weeks!).

Getting ready to catch the bus this morning felt so strange. I haven't ridden the bus in over a month. It was kind of nice to see all the regulars again. Not that I know anybody's names, but we all know each other by sight. Several of them commented on my long absence from the bus and welcomed me back. It was nice to see Bus Driver Dave, the 2 Old Men Who Ride Bikes, the Indian Girls, the Front-Row Ladies, the Grumpy Woman (who is very nice in the afternoon, so she just must not be a morning person), and Judy (Judy Meyer is in my ward, and she's the only person I actually know by name. :) ) and the others.

So, for this month, back to normal. November looks like it's starting off with a week in Philadelphia followed by a week-long conference for work - so all bets are off for next month!


Mistaken said...

I'm glad things are better for you. I hope your back continues to get better as well. Sometimes things happen that make us appreciate things all the more or realize that we should have appreciated them more to begin with.

Tera said...

Isn't it funny how mundane life can get sometimes and we wish for a change to spice things up. But, then we realize that our routine is actually nice and comforting and it is wonderful to welcome it back again!