Friday, October 15, 2010

Another Bed Rest Update

Well, I had great hopes that I would be released from bed rest at today's appointment. I had visions of being able to get things done around the house... maybe even get back to the office one day a week...

Guess not. The doctor was really pleased with the results of the bed rest. I'm no further dilated or effaced, which is good. My blood pressure is down to normal - the nurse commented that she hadn't seen it so low since July. And the swelling has gone down so much that not only did I wear my regular shoes to this appointment, I lost 9 pounds between last week's appointment and today, just from all the reduction in swelling!

So all great things... and the doctor's reaction was, "Why mess with success?" Since the bed rest has worked well to get things back to normal levels, she wants me to stay with the bed rest. I am allowed to get up a little more than before, but not back to normal activity. And when I asked about the 1 day at work, she just laughed at me. That was definitely a no. {I got several "I told you so" comments from Aaron over all this...}

I guess this also lets out tonight's school carnival, which I was really hoping to attend. The kids have been looking forward to it so much. I was hoping to go see them enjoy themselves. I'm sure they'll still enjoy themselves, and I will stay home and play with my new Kindle. :)

The boys had a great time while we were at the appointment. A friend of ours watched the boys while Aaron and I went to the doctor. When we picked them up, we asked Preston if they had fun. He told us, "It was lots of fun. Until Daddy came." {picture a bitter scowl on his face} He was quite annoyed at us for spoiling his fun by coming to take them home!


Katie said...

I am so glad that things are calming down for you! Sorry about the bedrest being the way it's calming down, though... Good luck getting through the next few weeks of pregnancy cooped up.

Tera said...

Bed rest is hard when it's forced upon us, but I'll admit that there are a lot of days I wish someone would banish me to my bed! Especially if I lost 9 pounds because of it!

Melissa said...

So I say, live it up! I'm trying to be positive here, but really, when can you again say sorry, I have to lie here and not do anything??? And look at the results - a win/win all around, I say!