Sunday, October 17, 2010

Quick Funny from Brekken

This morning we somehow got on the subject of Subway sandwiches, and how we hadn't had them in a long time. We reminded the kids that we haven't been to Subway because Mommy can't eat lunchmeat until after the baby is born.

Haley said that she was glad that we could eat Subway after the baby is born. (So am I - I love and miss Subway while pregnant!) Brekken was briefly disturbed: "No! Mommy don't eat baby!"

LOL. We reassured him that no one was planning to eat the baby. Then he suddenly changed his tune. In a funny, growly voice he told us: "I eat baby! Nom, nom, nom! Yummy baby!"


Tera said...

I agree with Brekken. Babies, especially new babies, are so scrumptious I just want to eat them!

Heidi said...

glad that was cleared up! lol!