Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Parents are Awesome

A while ago, Aaron and I lent some baby stuff to my sisters when they had new babies. Like the crib, bouncy seat, that sort of thing. Once we knew we would need the baby things again (and since my sisters were done using them) we made plans to pick them up on a trip to Utah this summer. We ended up cancelling that trip back in July, but no worries - we had PLENTY of time to go get the stuff before our baby came.

Fast forward to October and us suddenly realizing that we still hadn't gone after the baby things, and now I wasn't allowed to travel that far away from my doctor. So we sent out a message to my family, hoping someone would be making a trip to Grand Junction (where my brother lives) in the near future. Then Aaron could make a day trip to GJ and back to pick things up.

A couple of days later my Mom checks in and asks if we had plans for the weekend, two days away. My wonderful parents decided to make a sudden trip over here and bring the baby things we needed!

Against Aaron's better judgement, I spent Saturday morning cleaning up around the house. I couldn't help myself! The house was a mess, and I just had to tidy it up a little before they came. (I bet my parents are surprised to hear that, considering the state it was in when they arrived. Yes, that was the TIDIER version of our house!)

We had a great time visiting. The kids were SO happy to have Grandma and Grandpa come to stay. I enjoyed catching up on everything that was going on in the family. (My mom and I are NOT good at talking on the phone. Neither of likes talking on the phone, so too much time often goes by before one of us calls.) Grandma and Grandpa played with the kids and took them out for walks with their scooters - things that I've been too tired and grumpy to do very well lately.

On top of that, they cleaned up! They cleaned the stove, counters, tables and chairs, and toilet, washed the backlog of dishes I have been meaning to get to for too long, and even convinced the kids to "help" straighten up the messy playroom. I feel much less stressed looking around at my house today. And I feel very loved that they took vacation time to bring over our stuff and clean up the house.

Thanks Mom & Dad!! We love you and can't wait to see you again soon!

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