Monday, October 25, 2010

A Little Bit of Halloween Fun

So for the 2nd year in a row, my kids are getting a bit short-changed in the Halloween fun department. Last year we were dealing with H1N1 and Preston in the hospital and all that rotten stuff, so we obviously didn't do much for Halloween. Even trick or treating was largely skipped, since Preston was released from the hospital ON Halloween, and we didn't figure taking him out trick or treating afterwards was the best idea. (I did take Haley trick or treating, since I did not yet know that my sniffles were the precursor to my own case of H1N1. We didn't visit many houses, since I was worn out from 3 days at the hospital with Preston, so hopefully I didn't spread H1N1 to TOO many houses in the neighborhood.)

So fast forward to this Halloween, and again we're not doing much. With me stuck on bed rest, the kids have been out of luck when they bring home flyers for this corn maze or that fall festival. We never even managed to get to the store and get pumpkins - which we wouldn't have carved anyway, because Aaron hates to clean them out so that's always my job. Haley keeps coming up with all these ideas for Halloween crafts she'd like to do - but they would require a trip to Michael's (craft store) for supplies. Or they'll see a fun Halloween treat to make on Food Network - but I'm not allowed up for long enough to make stuff like that. So they've missed out on all that stuff.

But when I was placing my Bountiful Baskets order this week, I saw that you could get a "Decorate Your Own Halloween Cookie Pack." So I added it to the order, hoping it would be something fun for the kids. Turned out to be a box of sugar cookies already baked into Halloween shapes like pumpkins, ghosts, and bats. And there were 4 little bowls of icing in Halloween colors. Yay! A Halloween activity they could do that didn't require me to do more than I'm supposed to!

So I turned them loose with the cookies and icing...

Haley and Preston were very focused on decorating those cookies JUST RIGHT.

Notice that Brekken's cookie is mostly gone already, before he's even considered putting icing on it.

Haley was generous with the sprinkles that she added to her cookies.

But I think Preston had more sprinkles than cookie!

Brekken ate the cookies, and he ate the icing... but he rarely bothered putting them together. Ate the cookies and then got a spoon and ate the icing. Whatever works!

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