Thursday, October 21, 2010

I'm Not That Kind of Girl...

By which I mean, I'm not the kind of girl who believes in the whole all-natural, homeopathic, anti-vaccination kind of thing.

I've read several blogs and talked (well, typed) with some friends lately about these issues, and I just have such a hard time with it all. Part of it is that I grew up with a grandmother (right next door, so I saw a lot of her) who DOES believe in all the herbal homeopathic medicines. From the time I was little, she was pushing various all-natural cures for everything on us all the time. There was Shaklee, and Sunbreeze, and noni juice, and colloidal silver, and shark cartilage and SO MANY other things. There's always something new. And usually expensive. And pretty much always a big rip-off. It's made me really prejudiced against any homeopathics, supplements, etc.

It's gotten even worse since my grandfather was diagnosed with cancer. My grandmother is just so convinced that all this herbal stuff works that she doses him with all kinds of stuff... and doesn't want him taking any of the things that the doctor thinks he should have. She's as anti-medicine as I am anti-homeopathy.

It's gotten to the point that I just hate anything that seems to be along those lines. Aaron takes a lot of supplements for various issues... and while I wouldn't tell him to stop taking them because he feels they help, deep down I feel like they're useless. Which is probably not true. Taking vitamins is probably a good thing. But I have such a hard time even with something like that. I do take my prenatal vitamins. But that's because the doctor tells me to.

I believe in science. I believe in doctors. So I listen when they tell me things. But I just can't bring myself to believe the claims of all the supplements and herbs at someplace like Vitamin Cottage. It always just feels like a huge scam to me.

And the whole anti-vaccination movement just feels like more of the same. I feel so badly for families dealing with things like autism. I understand how they just want to find something that can explain things and have something to blame. But there are just so many studies showing that there is not a link between vaccines and autism. There are so many studies showing how children are protected by vaccines. And since I believe in science, the studies are convincing for me.

So I'm staying away from the herbal cures. And much as my kids may hate the shots, I'll keep taking them in for the vaccinations. Okay... rant over!


Heidi said...

I am with ya! although I have worked with the Autism population for 8+ years,(and my brother in law is severely autistic) I think that some bodies really, truly cannot handle what is in them. But everyone's body is different and they all react to them differently. My Mother in law swears that, that is when Danny's behavior turned, as well as the 8 year old's mother that I used to work with. But we are all very intuitive to our own children! I believe that only us as mom's really truly know our children best, and can make that dicision. And, yes, my children get their vaccines, and I am grateful for them!
I dont know why this was so long. Thanks for letting me rant! ;)

Amy said...

I'm not extremely one way or other - but I do believe in eastern medicine techniques as well as western. I think diet and food sources also play a huge role in your health.

Mistaken said...

There needs to be a balance in things Tara. I, personally, believe in both. I grew up in a home where medicine was not an option. It was all in our heads. But I am all for doctors, especially when they have something to take away pain. I have also seen accupuncture cure my dad of emphysema. Balance.

Melissa said...

I have a child who is diagnosed with autism, and I do not believe the autism link. I think homeo stuff can be a good additive, but I am so very grateful for modern medicine.