Thursday, October 7, 2010

Funny Memory

I was talking with a co-worker yesterday and the conversation ended up reminding me of a funny story that I decided I wanted to share on the blog... If for no other reason than to write it down for myself so I don't lose the funny memory someday!

It was back when Haley was born. I was at the hospital, in labor, and pushing. My doctor was sitting on one of those round, rolling stools that doctors often use. As I was pushing, she was counting, "1, 2, 3..." She leaned forward a little - and suddenly she disappeared!

That rolling stool had just moved, shot out from under her, and she hit the floor. Everything kind of stopped for a minute. What should we do? After a moment of silence, we saw a hand poke up from the floor. It waved at us with a 'keep going' kind of motion. A disembodied voice spoke from the floor, "Keep pushing!" she said. "6, 7, 8..."

When the contraction and pushing ended for a moment, the doctor picked herself up off the floor and calmly asked a nurse to go find her a stool without wheels. The rest of the delivery proceeded without incident. (Okay, there was a little bit of drama, when Haley's shoulder got stuck and they had to break her collar-bone to deliver her. But no one else fell down.)

When it came time for Preston's delivery, the doctor came in when it was time to push. She asked one of the nurses to bring in her stool. She turned to us and said, "Ever since I fell off one of those rolling stools during a delivery, I always make them get me one without wheels."

"I know!" I responded. "That was me!"


Druciana said...

I think I remember you telling this story. It made me laugh again though!

Mistaken said...

aaahhh good times...

Melissa said...

Too funny! Never know when you're going to experience a comedic moment.