Friday, October 22, 2010

Now what do I do?

We have an alarm system that beeps at us when someone opens an outside door, but that's not a lot of help if you're in the back of the house and don't hear the beep. Instead, I need an override that keeps people (specifically, children) from opening the door at all! That way I wouldn't get caught by surprise as I did today.

I was in the bathroom at the back of the house. I was a taking a quick break from the recliner to clean up and change clothes (since I'd been working in my sweats all day). So I'm completely naked when I suddenly hear Preston shout, "I have to get my mommy!" Then he runs to the bathroom and tells me I need to answer the door.

"Someone is knocking on the door?" I asked him.

"No, I answered the door! They want to talk to you now." And he ran off.

Here's a dilemma. I already put my clothes in the laundry in the bedroom before going into the bathroom, but forgot to take clean clothes in with me. Not a big deal when I'm just home with the kids. But with someone waiting at the door, it's a problem. Walking from the bathroom to the bedroom (where I would find more clothes), would make me visible to anyone standing at our front door. I'm not sure what to do here. Do I wear a towel and make a dash to the bedroom? Do I try to get Preston to tell the person to go away? Do I just keep waiting and hope that Aaron returns very quickly (he was picking up Haley from school)?

Luckily, after a moment of panic I realized that my bathrobe was just outside the bathroom door, so I only had to stretch an arm out to grab it. Then I had to go get rid of the salesman wearing only a bathrobe in the middle of the afternoon. I'm sure he thought I was the worst kind of slacker!

After I got dressed, Preston and I had a talk about when it was okay to answer the door and when he needed to just ignore the knocking...


Tera said...

I have this fear ALL THE TIME. Like, what if I walk downstairs in my underwear to get something and then someone is standing at the front door (which has a sidelight window next to it so anyone standing at the door can see right into the house). What do I do? In order to get back upstairs to my room I have to pass the front door. I panicked for you. What if you didn't have a robe right there? I'm curious what you would have done? Mostly, cuz I may, at some future point, be in that same situation!

taradon said...

I was about to go the dash through in a towel route when I spotted the robe. Thank goodness it was there!